Alfa Mayonnaise - 136 gm Sku: F-KFL111-KIN

Tk. 180.00


  • Brand: Alfa 
  • Product Type: Mayonnaise 
  • Weight: 136 gm
  • Color: Same As Given Picture

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  • Mayonnaise is a thick emulsified sauce made by slowly incorporating a thin stream of oil into raw egg yolks.
  • In mayonnaise, a fat-in-water emulsion, oil is broken into super-small droplets that are suspended in watery egg yolks, and supported by the emulsifiers and stabilizing proteins found in the yolks.
  • It’s considered the fattiest emulsion of its kind, with a ratio of or about four parts fat to one part water, and about 80 percent of mayonnaise’s final volume coming from the oil droplets. 
  • This miraculous sauce is what binds together a chicken salad and adds moisture and fat to sandwiches.
  • It is a creamy food made with rice fiber oil and vinegar that gives a delicious flavor to your burger, pizza, sandwich and other snacks.